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ZSi Products

Breco Products

Cushioned Clamping Systems
(for Vibration Resistance, Shock Absorption, Isolation of Dissimilar Metals)

Surface Mount Strut Mount
Loop / Hose / Cable Clamps
Cushioned Strip
(for Vibration Resistance, Shock Absorption, Isolation of Dissimilar Metals)

Insulating Clamping Systems
(For Support of Insulated Tube or Pipe)

Insulation Saddles
(For Support of Insulated Tube or Pipe)

Z-Clamps Introduction

The junction adapter provides break points in lines allowing for shorter hose and tubing runs reducing leaks at connection points by securing the adapter against vibration within the Z-Clamp units. These break points may also serve as securely clamped changeover points between hose and tube, and vice versa.

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  • The Z-Clamp is designed to maintain a consistent centerline dimension for horizontal clamping or vertical stackable clamping applications.
  • Suited for all types of hydraulic hose, tubing, and pipe clamping applications, the Z-Clamp provides yet another alternative to the broadest cushion clamping product line in the world.
Cush-A-Block Rooftop Supports
Z-Strut Overview
Beta Clamp Overview
Beta Standard Series
  • Max 1,500 psi, static loads
Beta Heavy Series

  • Over 1,500 psi, dynamic loads
  • THE BETA PIPE CLAMPS are suitable for clamping pipes, hoses and electric cables. These are a sensible and easy way of securing piping and hoses in all types of terrestrial or naval installation.
  • The main features of THE BETA PIPE CLAMPS are its shock-absorption, vibration dampening and noise reducing properties.

  • Beta Clamps have practical and economical design which make for quick, easy pipe installation and layout.

  • Using weldable plates, it's easy to anchor the clamps to the machinery and steel work.

  • Fast, safe, economic installation and service in piping system.

  • Ribs in clamp bore are designed to absorb shock and vibration in the direction of the tube axis.

  • High sound-absorption is guaranteed. Due to their design the clamps can be easily cleaned.

  • Thanks to these advanced features and the wide program range, THE BETA PIPE CLAMPS are used in all areas of industrial, mobile and marine hydraulics, general industrial pipe construction, the field of press technology, instrumentation and control technology and many other application fields.
Beta Components & Hardware
  • Beta Standard Hardware/Components
    Steel, Stainless Steel

  • Beta Heavy Hardware/Components
    Steel, Stainless Steel

  • Beta Twin Hardware/Components
    Steel, Stainless Steel

  • For Aluminum Beta Clamps, use steel hardware.

  • Clamp Body
    • Standard - Polypropylene (Green Color) -30°C to +90°C
    • Other materials on request: Aluminum, Polyamide
    • Upper and lower clamp half are identical.

  • The other metallic components of the clamps are manufactured in:
    • Lower and upper plates: steel, 304S/S
    • Screw bolts: steel, S40C, 304S/S
    • Other metallic on request.
Gamma Anti-Vibration Pads
  • When installing pipe, tube, hose, or equipment the effects of vibration, shock, surge, galvanic corrosion and unwanted noise are a major concern. Improperly cushioned equipment, pipe, tube, or hose invites failure and potential problems. New developments in cushioned clamping and vibration isolation products from ZSI-Foster provide the proper solutions to combat these effects.

  • ZSI-Foster's products have earned a well-deserved reputation for unparalleled quality and effectiveness. As industry develops new needs, ZSI-Foster can and will respond with superior quality products and innovative solutions.

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Quick Disconnects

(For Pneumatic & Hydraulic Connections)